Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vega Baja Villages – Hurchillo

One of the Vega Baja villages of the Costa Blanca, Spain, Hurchillo is a charming little village with a population of less than one thousand. A chance to see a piece of the real Spain away from the busy Costa Blanca coastline, Hurchillo is reached via the road from Orihuela, and is a bout 9 kilometres from that town. A maze of charming cobbled streets welcomes visitors, together with the smiling faces of its people who are very friendly. Not to be out gunned by its bigger and better known neighbours, Hurchillo has its own village square and church and also its own feast day and fiestas during which it honours the Patrona Nuestra Señora de Montserrat. Damaged like so many other villages in the earthquake of 1829, Hurchillo relies mostly on citrus farming for its economic survival. Other villages worth visiting around Hurchillo include Bigastro, Beniel, Jacarilla and Cox.