Friday, April 24, 2009

Towns of Andalucia – Almunecar

One of the more interesting towns on the Costa Tropical section of the Costa del Sol coastline of southern Spain, is the ancient town of Almunecar, a settlement since it was founded by the Phoenicians in 800 BC, it was formerly known as “Sexi”, and in Roman times as “Firmium Julium Sexi”, and was a significant port and commercial town, especially known for fish salting and related industries. The Romans thought Almunecar important enough to construct five aqueducts in the region, all of which still stand today and four of which are still used to this day. In the mid-twentieth century the writer Laurie Lee wrote about the town in his well read books and soon after it began to develop as a holiday resort and tourist destination. These days it is a busy coastal resort with a decent range of facilities, it enjoys a typical Costa del Sol climate with long, hot summers and mild winters, Almunecar weather is perfect for family holidays from May to October and also ideal for winter breaks when the climate is warmer than northern Europe. During the Arab occupation of Spain, Almunecar was the final town to fall to the Christians before the fall of Granada. Almunecar has a good range of holiday accommodation and some excellent hotels such as the 4 Star Almunecar Playa Hotel, situated right beside the beautiful Playa de San Cristobal, other beaches include the Puerta del Mar, El Tesorillo, Cantarrijan, and Velilla beach. Map of Almunecar.