Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Towns of Galicia – Vigo

Well worth a visit if you are travelling in the Galicia region of north-western Spain, the city of Vigo is one of the biggest fishing ports in Europe and is situated in an attractive location on the Ria de Vigo just 20 kilometres north of the Portuguese border with Spain. Built on a former hill-fort and parts of an ancient Roman settlement Vigo did not really become established until the 15th century, its significance as a port was obviously recognised by Francis Drake as he felt it important enough to attack and occupy during the 16th century. Further attacks by Turks led to the building of city walls and defences by order of Felipe IV, parts of which can still be seen today. Although having the look of a modern industrial city, you can explore the old quarter and travel back in time, strolling through its narrow winding streets and lanes. Vigo Map.