Friday, January 2, 2009

Calpe – A Costa Blanca Resort

One of the northern Costa Blanca’s major holiday destinations, Calpe is located north of the massive resort of Benidorm and south of the more laid back resort of Moraira. Calpe boasts one of the Costa Blanca’s best known landmarks in the form of the Penon de Ifach rock formation, now a protected Natural Park. Calpe was formerly just a small fishing village and was originally the site of Iberian settlements, the Romans arrived there during their conquest of the Iberian Peninsular and founded a fish salting factory near the present day beach, remains of which still exist in the form of the Queen’s Baths. The Penon de Ifach was always important for the town as a watchtower and was also the location of the town of Ifach which was later destroyed during the War of the Two Pedros. Calpe itself grew after this and developed as a walled town often attacked by pirates. During the mid-twentieth century a small tourism industry developed and this grew into a major earner for the town by the 1970’s. Attracting those seeking a slightly more laid back atmosphere than its neighbour Benidorm which is one of the major seaside resorts of the world, Calpe is still more developed than many of the areas other towns and has a good range of facilties.