Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Callosa de Segura Costa Blanca

The traditional Spanish town of Callosa de Segura lays at the foot of the Sierra de Callosa just back from the Costa Blanca coastline of south-eastern Spain. Having a population of around 17,000 it is a medium sized town with an interesting history. Above the town stands the Sant Roque Hermitage and way above that the ruins of an ancient castle in a seemingly inaccessible place, the hermitage is built on the spot where Saint Roque supposedy appeared. Amongst surrounding buildings but easy to spot from the hermitage is the large Saint Martin’s church (see church picture on the left), built between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries and containing some significant gold pieces by Miguel de Vera. Other interesting places to visit include the Archaeological Museum, the Hemp and Agricultural Museum, the Holy Week Museum and the Fiesta Museum. Callosa de Segura can be accessed from the AP-7 motorway junction 733, the neighbouring village of Cox is a former Moorish farmstead. Callosa de Segura Map.